Power Rangers Time Force
World's Apart

Jason Faunt as Wes Collins (Red Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon as Lucas Kendall (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Erin Cahill as Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips as Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg as Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers
Vernon Wells as Ransik
Kate Sheldon as Nadira
Edward Lawrence Albert as Mr. Collins
Brianne Siddall as Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson as Frax (voice)
Marcus LaVoi as Commander Porter
Alex Boling as Manager
Matt Schaller as Rich Kid
David L. Wilson as Reporter #1
Stacey L. Miller as Reporter #2
Bob Pappenbrook as Univolt (voice)

Written by Judd Lynn and Jackie Marchand
Directed by Issac Florentine

[At the Clock Tower, Jen is lecturing Wes, Katie, and Lucas.]

JEN: This last fight was embarrassing, you guys. We had this mutant outnumbered. Look, right here. You can see he was getting tired. And at this point the mutant was vulnerable. So a stronger attack from us would have taken him down faster, and with less injury to us.

[Unbeknownst to Jen, the other three are secretly eating popcorn that they pass to each other behind their backs.]

JEN: Wes, Katie. You both are fighting like you had your mind on something else. Lucas, you... you performed below your potential. Right here. You see. *sniff* What is that? Who is eating popcorn while I'm trying to work? I can't believe this.

[Trip runs into the room.]

TRIP: Hey! There's a guy downstairs who wants to hire us!
JEN: To do what?
TRIP: To pick up garbage!
JEN: This is far too important. Besides, I'm sure that nobody wants to pick up trash.
KATIE: Trash is good.
LUCAS: I'm in.
WES: Sounds great.

[They all run out, grabbing thier white jumpsuits. Wes pauses and tosses Jen hers.]

JEN: All right.

[Later, they are all picking up garbage around a building.]

LUCAS: I went through all of that Time Force training for this?
WES: Hey, these odd job's pay the bills.

[Around a corner, a limo turns onto the street with Mr. Collins talking on his cell phone.]

MR. COLLINS: Well, I don't care how you do it. I want those contracts signed by...

[He looks out the window and notices Wes and his friends.]

MR. COLLINS: Wes? Driver, pull over.

[Wes sees the limo and walks over to it. Mr. Collins rolls down the window.]

WES: Hi, dad.
MR. COLLINS: This is what you left home for, to clean up other people's trash?
TRIP: He does more than that!
WES: Trip. It's okay.
MR. COLLINS: I couldn't be more disappointed.

[He rolls up the window.]

MR. COLLINS: Drive on.

[Nearby, Nadira and a bunch of Cyclobots are leaving a house, when a couple of black SUV's pull up. Uniformed guards step out of the vehicles and line up in front of Nadira, setting up fire arms, and holding blasters. One of them sports a red beret.]

COMMANDER PORTER: Halt! You are under arrest!

[Nadira keeps advancing.]


[They open fire, gaining the attention of the Time Force rangers who had just finished up thier odd job.]

JEN: Over here!
NADIRA: Who do you think you are?!
PORTER: We are the Silver Guardians, hired to protect this property.
NADIRA: You must be joking. Loser!
WES: Nadira.
JEN: No, wait.
NADIRA: How dare you spoil my shopping spree.
NADIRA: No one tells me to stop.

[Nadira quickly changes into her white armor, which protects her from the blasts. Two Cyclobots aren't as lucky, falling to the ground, destroyed.]

NADIRA: Now you'll pay!
JEN: Her Cyclobots are destroyed.
NADIRA: You'll all pay.

[Nadira and her remaining Cyclobots disappear. The Silver Guardians walk over to the two crumbled Cyclobots while others pack up to leave. The manager of the place runs out and shakes Commander Porter's hand.]

MANAGER: Oh, great job. You Silver Guardians are worth every penny.
PORTER: Why, thank you sir. (to Guardians) Let's move out!

[The Guardians nod and head back to their vehicles. One stops, turns, and heads over to Wes and his friends.]

ERIC: Long time no see, Wes.
WES: Eric. What are you doing here?
ERIC: I'm with the Silver Guardians. We protect the city now. And you?
WES: Well, I'm just hanging out with my friends.
ERIC: Life's one big vacation for you, huh, Wes?
PORTER: Let's go!
ERIC: I've got work to do. See you around.

[Eric enters one of the vehicles and they all drive away.]

KATIE: That guy's got even more attitude than you.
TRIP: Who was that guy?
WES: That's Eric. We went to prep school together.

[They return to the Clock Tower and dump thier jumpsuits in a pile.]

LUCAS: Silver Guardians? Where did they come from?
KATIE: I don't like it. We've been doing just fine protecting the city without their help.
CIRCUIT: Rangers! There's something on television that I think might interest you!

[Jen turns to TV on as the other gather around. On the screen is Mr. Collins giving a press conference.]

MR. COLLINS: My Silver Guardians have averted another robbery today. I'm sure the entire city sleeps better knowing they're looking out for us.
REPORTER #2: Is it true that your Guardians only protect clients who pay for their services?
REPORTER #1: What about the Time Force Rangers?
MR. COLLINS: The Rangers can't be everywhere, now, can they?
KATIE: So the Silver Guardians are another one of your father's business ventures?
LUCAS: Wait, wait, wait. First the Raimei tank, and now this?
WES: Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. He's never shown any interest in the defense industry before.
TRIP: Y-Your dad's helping to protect the city! Tha-That's a good thing, isn't it?
WES: No, he doesn't care about the city. He's in it for the money.
JEN: I know you and your father have had your differences, but do you really think he's that greedy?
WES: You heard the report! The Silver Guardians only protect people who can pay for it. I used to look up to that man! I wanted to be just like him. But now I realize, all he really cares about is money. All his big plans for me. Even I became just another.. business venture.
LUCAS: Your old friend Eric is working for your dad now.
WES: Well, we're not exactly friends. In prep school we trained in karate together. He was a great fighter. He always had something to prove. Then one day, I heard he quit.

[Flashback to Wes running up to Eric, who was leaving the school.]

WES: Eric! Hey! Wait up! You're quitting?!
ERIC: This place stinks! Bunch of lazy rich kids wasting their time. I've got bigger plans.

[He gives his bag to Wes and walks away.]

WES: Eric!

[End flashback.]

KATIE: Then what happened?
WES: Nothing. I never saw him again... until today.
LUCAS: We need all the help we can get against Ransik. Maybe the Silver Guardians will do us some good. Right?
WES: I don't think they know what they're getting into.

[In a conference hall, Mr. Collins is addressing the Silver Guardians.]

MR. COLLINS: Our clients deserve the best protection possible. They're counting on each and every one of you to give 200%! Forget fear! Nothing can stop you. You are the Silver Guardians!

[As he leaves the hall, Eric walks up to him.]

ERIC: Mr. Collins.
MR. COLLINS: Yes, what is it?
ERIC: I'm Eric Myers, I went to prep school with your son. I understand that Wes moved out of your house. I saw him today, and I can help you find him.
MR. COLLINS: Yes, he moved out of the house. But I'm not looking for him

[Mr. Collins walks away.]

ERIC: (thinking) So Wes gave it all up. That's just like him.

[Flashback to Eric sitting under a tree in the prep school's yard when Wes walks over and hands him a soda.]

WES: Eric! Got you this!
ERIC: Thanks.

[One of the students runs up and hands Wes a card.]

RICH KID: Hey, Wes! My dad's throwing a party on the yacht. You're invited.
WES: Hohahoho! Thanks! (to Eric) Hey, you wanna come?
ERIC: Yeah, sure.
RICH KID: Uhh, actually it's kind of a small party. Only you're invited.
ERIC: That's all right. I wouldn't go anyway.

[Eric gets up and walks away. Wes hands the invitation back and runs after him.]

WES: Eric, wait! Hold up! Eric! Eric, wait, hold up! You know, I'm not going either. So, how about we find something else to do.

[End Flashback.]

ERIC: (thinking) You had the money. All the right friends. But you didn't know how to use them to your advantage. Well, you might have been given all the breaks. But we'll see who ends up on top.

[Frax is alone in the re-animation chamber as he places a mutant inside the machine.]

FRAX: It's time for me to take matters into my own hands. I will show that windbag Ransik once and for all, how truly superior the robot race can be! Heheheh! He still hasn't figured out that it is I who holds the key to the X Vault, holding the most dangerous mutants of all! Ha Ha!!

[The light blinks green and a mutant steps out.]

UNIVOLT: *laughs*

[In the Clock Tower, Circuit wakes up.]

CIRCUIT: Mutant alert! Mutant alert! There's a mutant attacking in the city plaza.
JEN: Let's go!

[Somewhere else in the city, Commander Porter is giving his troops a quick pep talk.]

PORTER: All right, listen up! This is our chance to really prove what we can do. Let's move out!

[At the city plaza, the morphed rangers are already there, fighting the monster.]

JEN: V-5!
TRIP: Time Slide!
UNIVOLT: Rangers!
WES: What do you want?
UNIVOLT: Not much. Only to destroy you! Now which one do I want first?
CIRCUIT: Careful, Rangers. He's from the X Vault.
WES: The X Vault?! (to Univolt) Well, you're going right back to where you came from!
UNIVOLT: Cyclobots! Let's show these rude rangers just who they're dealing with.

[The two sides engage in battle, but the rangers are outnumbered and outpowered.]

KATIE: Wow! I don't think this guy's messing around!
LUCAS: Everybody, brace yourselves!

[After they take a big hit, the Silver Guardians show up and set up their equipment.]

PORTER: All right, listen up! I want this creature removed without any damage to the client's property. Understood?
PORTER: Attention, mutant! You are trespassing on private property! I order you to leave immediately!
UNIVOLT: Give it your best shot, soldier!

[Some Cyclobots fall to the onslaught of the weapons fire.]

WES: Oh, no! Look! My father sent the Silver Guardians again!
JEN: They don't even know what they're up against. This guy's even too tough for us!
UNIVOLT: Now for you pests!

[Nearby, Mr. Collins limo pulls to a stop. He rolls down to window and watches the action.]

MR. COLLINS: The Time Force Rangers. I should of known they'd be here.
UNIVOLT: Who's next? Haw haw haw! This is much to easy! I haven't even broken a sweat yet!
PORTER: Weapons ready! This is your last warning!
UNIVOLT: Should I be scared?
WES: No, wait! You can't beat him with those weapons! He's too powerful!

[Commander Porter pushes the Red Ranger to the side.]

PORTER: Move! Fire!

[No a dent is made on the mutant.]

UNIVOLT: See ya, soldier!
WES: No, wait! Look out!

[Wes pushes Porter aside, taking the hit that was meant for him.]

KATIE: Oh, no!
LUCAS: Woah!

[The Red Ranger lies on the blackened pavement as the Silver Guardians pick themselves up. He slowly rises and turns to the other Rangers, revealing the eyepiece of his helmet to be shattered.]

ERIC: Wes?!
UNIVOLT: Now to finish he job!

[He runs off, with the other Rangers following. Wes starts to follow.]

ERIC: Wes! Wait!

[Mr. Collins leaves the limo and stops his son.]

MR. COLLINS: Wesley, what's the meaning of this? You're a Time Force Ranger?!
WES: I wanted to tell you, dad. But I couldn't. Look, you don't know what you're up against here. People are getting hurt. All because you want more money! How much is enough for you, dad?
MR. COLLINS: No, that's not it at all. You don't understand anything about my business. I had the perfect future planned out for you!
WES: Your future! Not mine! For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm really making a difference.
MR. COLLINS: Wes, wait, stop. If you'd just let me explain, you'd understand you're talking a bunch of nonsense!
WES: No. All my life, I've done what you wanted me to do. But now I'm in control of my own future.

[Wes walks away.]

MR. COLLINS: Wes, son. Hey, don't walk away from me when I'm... Wesley, you walk away you'll regret it! Wesley!
ERIC: Don't be stupid, Wes! You should listen to your father!

[Not far away, Univolt is beating the Rangers.]

UNIVOLT: I really thought you rangers would have put up more of a fight. Heheh. Oh, well! Ahahaha! Huh?!

[He turns around and sees Wes running towards them, carrying his V-1.]

WES: We're not done yet!
JEN: Wes! Be careful!
WES: (thinking) I'm never going to regret what I'm doing. You may not see it now, dad, but someday, I'm gonna make you proud of me. (out loud) You're going back to freezer! Time Strike! Hiya!

[Univolt falls.]

WES: Vortex Blaster!
JEN: Aim!
WES: Locked on. Fire!

[Univolt is frozen again as Mr. Collins and Eric watch. Wes puts the mutant into a container and hands it to Trip. He looks over at his father as the other Rangers run up.]

WES: Put him in containment with the other mutants.
TRIP: Right, Wes.
JEN: Are you all right.
WES: Yeah, I'm fine.
KATIE: That was awesome, Wes!
LUCAS: Good job!
TRIP: Yeah! All right, Wes! Whoo! Let's go!

[In the Prison Ship, Frax is in the containment room, holding up the X Vault key.]

FRAX: The powerful mutants of the X Vault are under my control alone. No one must know my little secret. Heehee!

[One of the doors open and Ransik and Nadira walk into the room.]

NADIRA: Daddy, where did that mutant come from? I've never seem it before!
RANSIK: I don't know, my dear. But I intend to find out.

[They walk through another doorway.]

FRAX: Ah! I've got to hide the key before he finds it on me!

[He opens one of the freezer doors and puts the key into an empty container. Ransik and Nadira reenter as he closes the door.]

RANSIK: Making yourself useless as usual, Frax?

[Frax pulls out a dusty rag and moves in across the surface of the freezer door.]

FRAX: Yes, that's me! Doing the usual nothing I usually do. Huh, huh, ha, huh. Oh, yes. That's me!

[Nadira walks up to him.]

NADIRA: Hmm. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were up to something.

[Frax shakes the rag in front of her, causing a shower of dust to fall on her.]

FRAX: Oh, hoho! Don't make me laugh, Nadira! You know that robots aren't programmed to think for themselves! You know that!
NADIRA: Ah! That's right! Whatever was I thinking?! *laughs*
RANSIK: *laughs* (to Frax) Step aside.

[Father and daughter leave the room.]

FRAX: The day will come then I will squish them like insects.

[Later on, in a park, the Time Force team is raking up leaves. Trip walks by with a bag of leaves, that unbeknownst to him, is spilling leaves behind him.]

LUCAS: Hey, hey! Watch it!
TRIP: I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!

[Mr. Collins walks up.]

MR. COLLINS: Wesley! I'd like to talk to you. Alone, please.
WES: Sure.

[He lays his rake aside and walks up to his father.]

MR. COLLINS: You listen to me, son. If defending the city is what you want to do, then you need to join the Silver Guardians. My commander was injured, I want you to be the new leader. With your ranger technology, it could bring my company to a whole new level.
WES: You just don't get it, dad. It's not about the money. Time Force Rangers help everyone. Not just those who can afford it. I don't want to have any part of your team.
MR. COLLINS: Wesley, I try, but I just don't understand you.
WES: I hope someday you will.

[Wes returns to his friends as Mr. Collins walks away. More leaves fall from the trees as they return to work.]